All Champ Food Production Machinery and Utensils Co., Ltd.

Taiwan All Champ Company was founded in 1975, which sticks to the continuous management and devotion to the company since its foundation. We focus on R&D and innovation, quality advancement and professional service attitude. Up to the present, we have accumulated tons of professional knowledge and technology. We aim to assist customers to finish the foodstuff production successfully. Besides, our production process and the quality have been passed through the controlling strictly. We pay attention to the all details, from R&D, assembling, quality controlling to the products display. By doing so, we obtain good reputation from foodstuff manufacturers and many products patents as well. With the increasing development of the bakery market in mainland China, we set up "Foshan all champ food production machinery and utensils co., ltd" in 2005. To meet the bakery Industry requirement, it provides the service of sales, inquiry, installment and maintenance etc. What’s more, it also offers comprehensive service of baking field such as helping for the cakes & biscuits manufacturing technology, factory integration program.